From Bacteria to Elephants

Mathematical rules often appear in completely unexpected places. An example of that is the graph in figure below, taken from


It turns out that from unicellular organisms to huge mammals, the relationship between mass and metabolic rate are linear on the log-log scale.  Many papers have been published trying to explain this relationship till now.  But there are more interesting connections. Prof. Geoffrey West in his research on cities and corporations has found similar relationships between variety of average parameters of cities (wealth, crime rate, walking speed) against population.  Here is a link to his very interesting Ted talk.

Such a straight line fit to data is a characteristics of power laws, i.e. relationships of the form y = a xk.  Such relationships are known to exist in diverse fields, ranging from linguistics and sociology to neuroscience and geophysics. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article for the interested reader.

In physics such power law behaviors are also known to have close connections to the theory of phase transitions and renormalization groups.

Bitch, You’re In Prison- Aurora Phoenix

To the uninitiated in Galib. This is what the poet may have alluded to when he talked about tears of blood, You silly smart literals like me. This is a reblog as the name suggests.

Blood Into Ink


they said

bitch, you’re in prison

as if

this most salient of facts

jump-suited in sallowing orange

had, even for a moment

escaped my attention

in situation inescapable,

conferring status inhuman.

they snarled

bitch, you’re in prison

when I dared suggest,

with temerity

unbefitting caged station,

conversational decorum

contravening jailhouse crudity,

because after all

what do you expect here?

they scoffed

bitch, you’re in prison

when I longed

for scintillating discourse

or cerebral stimulation

in lieu of

drama-mongering gossip

and mind-numbing TV,

indicative that jello-brain

is indeed the goal.

they guffawed

bitch, you’re in prison

when I scribbled

angsted dreams

upon torn paper scraps

quilled with the clots

of my spurting soul,

mocking the futility

of artistic aspirations.

they assert

bitch, you’re in prison

social stratus

lower than dirt

on a slithering snake belly,

cessation of upward mobility

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Welcome To My Pity Party

One more reblog. I am so impressed by this lady.

Things I have seen: blogging about real life

Even the strongest
able to carry a mulititude
Of other’s baggage
can Sometimes fall
Beneath the weight.

How tempting it is
To just stay
Face down in the mud
Created by my tears

How easy defeat
Creeps into my every orafice
With the mud
Whispering a siren song
Luring me to the rocks
To crash and drown
Out the warrior’s cry.

So easy to give up.

And yet

With strained and mud stained hands
I pull my weary body up
Resting on my elbows
I find my strength
To rise again.

(C) Angela Mcclintock

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