My clan

One amazing thing I find about fellow academics is the ease with which we connect.

Even when I meet them after decades, the shared knowledge goes beyond technical. There is an open-ness which allows us to trust each-other, joke about ourselves, gripe about students ( yes, most of the people I know do that while admitting that they themselves were the same) and discuss health, family and society.


My colleaue sometimes brought his five year old son to the lab. The kid was very much into Dinosaurs, so he would generally arrange his toys on the table, bring out drawing pads and proceed to make amazing sketches.

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy kidding with the kids. So once I asked, “will the T-rex eat the Stegosaurus?”. The kid gravely replied “T rex lived in Cretaceous while Stegosaurus lived in Jurasic, so that is not possible”. I rightfully felt put to my place, no kidding.